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Phillip Buchanon is the creator of OctOcanon’s Supernals, Aquatic Bourne, EQG, Skyrizer, and other stories and games. The Fort Myers, Florida native is a former All-American college football player who returned to complete his undergraduate degree at the University of Miami after a lengthy career in the NFL.

While racking up nearly 400 tackles and 20 interceptions during ten successful years in the NFL, Buchanon has also been fueled by creative aspirations. This lead him to create a line of properties he began developing across a variety of mediums after his NFL career, including comic books, movie scripts, novels, children’s books, board games, and smart phone apps. Working with top industry writers, artists, editors, and game developers, Buchanon has prepared an entire slate of projects for release in 2014 under the banner of OctOcanon.

From a sci-fi thriller about genetically enhanced children (Supernals) to a sports-themed comedy novel (The Equipment Guys), to a self-help guide to sustaining wealth based on his own personal experiences (New Money), these and other projects from OctOcanon are a creative reflection of Buchanon’s ambition and entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to his undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, Buchanon has attended several classes and workshops at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, Harvard Business School, and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Buchanon continues to expand his work with OctOcanon while actively seeking out new opportunities as a venture capitalist.